Sunday, 25 August 2013

I should have known better.......

 .......and realised that the farm just outside Olvera where I normally refill our water containers would be closed, as it normally is for most of August, to allow the cattle to feed on new pasture. I wasn't going to argue the point.
So a couple of pictures of Olvera before driving the to the nearby fountain at Algodonales about fifteen minutes away.
It's going to be another hot day but thankfully the forecast is for cooler weather mid week and even the possibility of thunder on Thursday. Oh joy of joy's, a little drop of the wet stuff would be very welcome.
 I stopped off at the hang glider landing point just off the main road to take these couple of pictures looking towards the pueblo of El Gastor.


Anonymous said...

You are very welcome to our Welsh grey sky as a little respite!!! Lucky things

Alan Crosskey said...

Many thanks for your comment. True, we are lucky but a little respite, if only for a few days would be welcome. Thankfully today our wishes have been granted, misty and cool. Cheers.