Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stormy weather warning

 A severe weather warning has been issued by the Government weather agency AEMET , see article here, to expect heavy rain and thunder storms throughout Andalucia tomorrow and Friday.
 So, on a warm and quite humid day, a stroll up to the oldest part of town, the "Barrio de la Villa",  to take a few pictures before the expected storms hit.

 Just playing around with the "fish eye" option on my new camera....must say, not too impressed! 

 Just visible, a flock of vultures passing overhead.

Figs, ripe and ready to burst.
 "El Tren", used for ferrying people to and from the Feria ground.
The Café Bar "El Tapir Despistado" now has new signage and is receiving great reviews on Tripadvisor here. Closed at the moment though, as many bars in town are, for the duration of the Feria.

Looking east and below another "fish eye" of the umbrellas of Bar Pepe Rayas in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 

"La Cilla", the old courtyard inside the castle walls, regularly used for concerts and other events.

 The view west from "La Cilla".

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