Sunday, 30 December 2007

Dave & Heather

This is Dave and Heather, good friends of ours who helped us enormously with information and advice, both prior to and since we moved to Olvera.
It was great to see them both as they have now moved to the region of Extramadura, about three hours drive north of Olvera.........honest it was nothing to do with us !! (we hope).
Dave has not been too well lately but we were glad to see him looking so well and we wish you both all the best in the future.......particularly with the B & B and fishing business (plug, plug) and hope to catch up with you early next year.

Arrival of the Kings

On our way through town today to meet up with Dave & Heather (next blog) for a drink, we came across a gathering in the Plaza de la Concordia, so we stopped for a look.

We later found out that it was the starting point for a procession, led by two kings, to gather at the Town hall square at the top of town and receive messages from the children of the town to take to the baby Jesus.

The Olvera Town Band were gathering to provide the music.

At 12 noon the procession started on its way to the top of town, followed by quite a few of the onlookers.

We stopped at this point as we had to meet up with Dave & Heather but it was a lovely sight to see and we wished we'd had time to see the children handing over their letters and messages.
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La Muela

We left the house about 5.30pm and headed for a small village called La Muela, about 18kms or 20 minutes from Olvera.
We had heard that there was going to be a medieval fair on, so of course there was no stopping Anne at the thought of spending a few dinero's on arts and crafts.
However, when we arrived, we found that the fair was in fact a re-enactment by the villagers of the birth of Jesus called "Belen Viviente" or "Living Bethlehem", each stall recreating a scene of the Nativity. Above, the manger where Jesus was born.

Chanting and clapping singers.

It was really nice to see the effort that the villagers had put into was a real community event. There were lots of different foods and drinks on offer............pastries, doughnuts, pancakes, sherry........all free and freshly made on the stalls.

The tree's throughout the village were decorated with hanging presents.......although I think this was more part of the Christmas decorations than for the Nativity.

Cooking the dinner right and fishing in the stream below.....there were real fish attached to the rods.

All in all, a really lovely evening out and nice to see that people can still give so much joy and pleasure to other's, not expecting anything in return apart from asking you just to enjoy their village and the atmosphere that they had created.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas in Olvera

This is our first Christmas in Olvera and as such we really didn't know what to expect by way of celebrations or decorations. Until about ten days ago we were getting slightly concerned that not a lot was happening as we had read that the major Christmas celebration was reserved for what is called "Three Kings Night", on the 5th January, which commemorates the arrival of the Kings to visit Jesus in the Holy Land.

However, all of a sudden balconies were being decorated, nativity scenes were being created in shops, bars and churches and the lights were being put up in town. Those of you that know me as a Christmas was always an effort to put Christmas cards up.......will be amazed to know that even our balcony has decorations up. Anne threatened divorce if we didn't so see the pics below for proof.

The picture's right and below are of the high street at 6.30pm, not exactly thronging with shoppers....but that's part of the joy of being here.

Picture right is a balcony in the high street which is fairly typical of the decorations here. Santa climbing up a ladder is selling like hotcakes.
The pic below is of the town hall.

Finally, on behalf of Anne and I, may we wish you all a very Happy Christmas.....Feliz Navidad..... and a prosperous and peaceful New Year.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Too hot...!!!!

Nothing much to report today but here we are on the 5th December, at 2 pm sitting on the roof terrace and Anne says.............."Ain't it hot. Makes you want to wish you were on a ski holiday".
Too much sun I think!!!!

A rare cloud in an otherwise blue sky.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Today we went out to Torre-Alháquime, a small village only about 5 kms outside of Olvera.
We parked as usual at the bottom of the village and wound our way through the streets, hoping to arrive at the castle at the top.

Going through this archway, on the wall was a tiled plaque depicting a humourous tale about the good and bad children of the village.

Through the arch led us to this lovely church and the area where the Town Hall is located.

We came upon the entrance to the ruined castle and were slightly disappointed to find that the castle grounds had been turned into a play area for children with seating around, perhaps understandable in an area where space is limited. Unfortunately it appeared neglected and not in the best state of repair.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Andy & Lin

Our great friends Andy & Lin came over from Stroud for an all too short long weekend. It was lovely to see them face to face, rather than on the webcam, and to catch up on all the news and gossip from the "old country".
The pictures show us on a boozy night out at "La Dolce Vita", a bar in Olvera, where a good time was had by all. Even better when the landlord gave us a free round of drinks too.

The picture right shows the Christmas lights over the town hall. "Feliz Navidad" is "Happy Christmas". As this is our first Christmas here, we didn't know how it would be celebrated but lights and decorations are popping up everywhere so it looks like it it should be a good time. We are looking forward to it.

View from the top of the castle.