Saturday, 9 November 2013

Castle views

 Enjoying a delicious coffee at Bar La Noria on another sunny and warm morning, I thought it about time that I paid a visit to the castle that dominates the town.
Entry is free to residents of Olvera, two euros to non-residents, but well worth a visit for the fantastic 360 degree views it offers over the surrounding countryside.
The 18th century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación. 

Construction started on the castle after the Christian conquest in 1327. It was built upon the site of a Moorish fortress and it has been modified and restored over the centuries since. 

Looking down upon the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the tables of Bar Pepe Rayas.

 Not quite sure what this bug is but it was quite happy clinging to a one of the castle walls. However, when it started swaying to the left and right I thought it best to let it be and enjoy the sun!!. Footnote; I'm informed by knowledgeable friends that this is a Brown praying mantis known in Spanish as an "insecto de Santa Teresa". Thanks to Dan and Alison.
 Looking down upon the Saturday market and the umbrella's of Bar La Noria below beneath the Telefonica tower.

The old town cemetery below the castle walls.
 Great views over Olvera.

  The park area of the "Peñón del Sagrado Corazón" on the left with the "Peñón de la Tahona" to the right.


Colin Pain said...

Hi Alan - great photos. In the last one our backyard is visible below the Peñón de la Tahona - white wall above trees. Spot the map of Australia?
Cheers - Colin and Josie

Alan Crosskey said...

Hi Colin and Josie. Yes, I've just blown the picture up and can see Australia clearly. You've done it now though....Anne wants a map of Wales painted on our terrace!!. Must pop round for a coffee sometime. Cheers.

Colin Pain said...

Good - then we can show you the map close up and explain how it got there!