Saturday, 2 November 2013

All Souls Day

 Yesteday, it neither seemed appropriate or respectful to take pictures of the beautiful floral decorations placed on the graves of loved one's on what was the "Dia de Todos los Santos" (All Saints Day), the day when families honour and remember those that have passed away.  
So, this morning and later this evening when it was a little quieter, I visited the cemetery within the old castle walls to have a look at the floral tributes.

Every resting place was beautifully adorned with flowers.

 I hope that these pictures convey respect for the occasion without intruding upon its dignity and solemnity.


Dan said...

Well done fella, a wonderful set of atmospheric images that captured the mood so well. No matter what our beliefs are it has to be remembered that our departed loved ones all contributed to who we are in some way or another, hats off the people of Olvera for another moving display in such difficult times for some of them.

Alan Crosskey said...

Many thanks Dan for your kind words that also resonate with all of us who have lost loved ones. I did hesitate as to whether to publish this post as it is such a personal occasion for the Olvereños/as and their families but I hope that I have not intruded too much.Cheers.

Joe Gilronan said...

Beautiful photo's Alan.

Alan Crosskey said...

Thanks Joe. Much appreciated. Cheers.