Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Conil de la Frontera

A long drive for little reward would be how I would best describe our trip to Conil de la Frontera today, although I also have to add that it was partly of our own making.
We left Olvera at 9.30am, arriving at just before midday (our route here). Parking anywhere in the central area of town was near impossible so we headed to the beach area, parked there and started to wander back into the town.
After a long drive, we happily stopped off for a coffee and to ask where the Tourist Office was. We were told that the office was situated at the top of the town and as we were more or less at the bottom we didn't feel very inclined to trek back up. 
So after coffee we set off to explore the old part of town.
An interesting piece of art.

We wandered for about an hour through dull and uninteresting streets before deciding that without a map we were just aimlessly heading nowhere. Tiredness was also getting the better of us so as time was getting on we headed to the beachfront for a spot of lunch.

We found a restaurant and had a delicious lunch of "Bacalao Marinera" (Cod in a seafood sauce) with Anne having grilled Tuna. Very nice but it certainly left a bit of a hole in the pocket.
We then headed across the road to what must be Conil's best attraction, the apparently endless beach, almost empty of people at this time of year.
Here and below, looking north.

 And here looking south.
 Conil from the beach.
   There are many art works reflecting the town's historic links with the fishing industry and with tuna in particular. So, in conclusion, I think it's fair to say that we may have done Conil an injustice by not getting any information from the tourist office but unfortunately what we did see we didn't find very interesting. Sorry Conil but we may not be back for a while.


Nick Roberts-Alatti said...

It comes alive at night Alan and mainly in the summer. You can see dozens of people eating out in the narrow streets and there is a main square with a nice church somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Always meant to visit Conil. Will stick with lovely Olvera on our holidays instead. Thanks Fiona

Alan Crosskey said...

Many thanks Nick and Fiona. We never like to be negative about any place that we visit but as we said, we may have done Conil an injustice by a)not trying to get hold of a map and b)exploring more and trying to find the attractions. The beach is absolutely fantastic and I can imagine that perhaps "in season" there is much more to see but unfortunately, wandering the streets as we normally do, the town didn't seem that attractive. This is only our personal opinion of course and we sincerely hope that we have not put anyone off from visiting themselves and making up their own mind. Best wishes and thanks to you both. We appreciate all comments received.

Nick Roberts-Alatti said...

I agree though there is very little to do here during the day apart from lie on the beach.