Sunday, 17 November 2013

Where's the rain??

Another sunny day, none of the forecast rain has arrived, and I hope Fiona in chilly Wales will forgive me when I mention that the temperature this morning on my stroll around was 10°C. Here, an old and unusual door knocker on a derelict building in Calle Cantillos.

An unusual sight, the fountain switched on in the Plaza de Andalucia. Why isn't it on all the time??.

Calle Julián Besteiro here and below.

The park and below the "Bar El Parque" with a lovely outside patio, perfect for enjoying tapas on a warm summer evening. 

The exercise area in the park, one of several such facilities throughout Olvera.
Calle Darien.
 The fountain in the Plaza de la Concordia and below lots of cyclists around this morning, most heading to the Via Verde.

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Anonymous said...

10deg - that is positively tropical!! Enjoy your sunshine