Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sunshine and Sally

Another beautiful day and a very pleasant and unexpected surprise this morning in meeting Sally.
Sally introduced herself as I was strolling along Calle Llana. She has a home here and said she regularly looks in and enjoys our blog. We had a very pleasant chat and, as always, it was lovely to meet up with one of our readers. 
The views here and below from Calle Vereda Ancha.

Looking up the the "Monumento al Sagrado Corazón".

Juicy melons for sale on Calle Calvario.
 Heading home, I diverted off into the park at El Péñon "El Cerretillo", always a pleasant area to sit and admire the views. Here, looking east over Olvera. 

 In the distance the escarpment of Acinipo, the site of an ancient bronze age and Roman settlement. A fantastic location with amazing views from the top.
Since my last visit, this plaque "Welcome to the Mirador El Cerro", has been placed on one of the houses that backs onto the park area.
The flower of a cacti in bloom.

 I sat for a while in the shade of the Plaza de Andalucia just as the timer on the fountain switched on.

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