Sunday, 10 June 2012

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi in Olvera is a very special event, when friends and neighbours decorate the streets with leaves, plants and flowers and create beautiful and stunning shrines in every street.
 The shrine on the corner of Calle San Ildefonso.
Here and below, Calle Pozo.

Calle Maestro Amado, again beautifully decorated and the shrine below just stunning.

 The bunting on Calle Cervantes.
  Calle José Chico and below a few of the ladies who no doubt having contributed to the magnificent display were having a well earned rest.

Looking down Calle Jesus.
Calle Peñon.
 Little angels.

 Calle Llana here and below.

The shrine at the entrance to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
Calle Azuaga.
 All of the participating streets are visited by a procession that we watched as it passed through the Town Hall square.

 The parish priest of Olvera stops at each shrine along the route to offer a blessing.
  Practising for the future and below, the brilliant Band of Music of Olvera, providing music to support the event.
Once again, events like this only serve to show what a great community spirit there is here in Olvera. A fantastic display of dedication and devotion well worth supporting and appreciating.

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