Monday, 11 June 2012

Ferry to Cadiz

A trip today in the company of Ginny to perhaps our most visited destination, Cadiz. However, this time we decided to take the more leisurely route using the ferry route that goes across the Bay of Cadiz from El Puerto de Santa Maria.  
We paid our 2,35€ each and settled down for a pleasant 25 minute crossing.

Out in the bay however, the sea did get a little choppy with quite a strong wind. Still good fun though.

After docking at the port, we headed into the old part of Cadiz. Here, the impressive facade of the Ayuntamiento, decorated because this year is the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Spanish Constitution in Cadiz.

The Cathedral.
The Plaza de las Flores.
I think the best location to view Cadiz is from the terrace at the top of the Torre Tavira. 5€ entry but well worth it for the panoramic views over the city.

 The old streets are so atmospheric.
 The Plaza San Antonio and below the Iglesia San Antonio that dominates one side of the Plaza.

  Cockatiels (I think) in the Plaza de la Mina.
This must be some kind of ritual......pairs of shoes and trainers thrown over a lamp in the plaza.
 History and old buildings abound in Cadiz but this facade was worth a picture.
  After a couple of hours or so, we returned to the port and took the ferry back to El Puerto.

 A wind surfer having fun in the Bay.
Arriving back at El Puerto de Santa Maria after a very pleasant trip.

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