Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A walk through the Plazas....

 ......this morning with the temperature at about 33°C and some passing clouds. Here, looking at the corner of Calle San Ildefonso with Salada.
 The view of Calle Salada here and below.

 Plaza Socorro.
 The Plaza Alfarería.

 Vereda Ancha.

 The view along Calle Fuente Nueva.

 The Plaza de la Concordia.

  A busy Avenida Julián Besteiro. 
  The Plaza de la Emigración and the monument dedicated to the people of Olvera who, during times of past economic hardship, had to travel to other countries in search of work to support their families. A reminder also of the harsh times we are currently living in where friends of ours are having to follow the same route today. 

 Calle Mercado and below Calle Bellavista.

 The Jardines de la Victoria here and below.

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