Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Stress relief

 After a stressful day yesterday, worrying unnecessarily as it turned out about the process of renewing our spanish driving licence (at our age, required every five years), we went for a stroll this morning to the post office. Here, looking up Calle Azuaga to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 
 The castle from the plaza.

 A beautiful day with a temperature of about 30°C and a soft breeze. Here and below, Calle Llana.

 Looking up to the Plaza Andalucia and the fountain in the plaza below.

 On the corner of Calles Zorrilla and Jesus looking towards Calle José Chico.
 The view down Calle Cervantes.
 Calle Garduñera and below the plaza where the old post office once stood. Does water ever flow from the fountain here?.

 Calles Maestro Amado and Pozo below.

Ahead is Calle San Ildefonso before we turn right and head home.

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