Thursday, 5 September 2013


A long overdue trip out today to the historic city of Córdoba and in particular to visit the world famous "Mesquita" or Great Mosque,  on the right of picture, that in Moorish times grew to be one of the largest in all Islam.
After a drive of just under two hours, our route here, we parked near to the "El Puente Romano", the old but much renovated Roman bridge that crosses the River Guadalquivir. We headed for the Mezquita just across the other side of the river.  

Storks and cranes wading in the shallows under the bridge.
The shrine of Saint Raphael in the centre of the bridge.
The Cathedral rises from the mosque.

The outer walls and one of the many ornate entrances to the Mezquita.
The bell tower in the grounds of the mosque that was built around the original Moorish minaret and below original timbers are displayed on the walls of the internal courtyard.

Entry into the mosque was €8 and worth every cent. The interior is simply stunning with countless pillars and arches throughout. Also, a real bonus, is that there were no restriction's on taking pictures.

My pictures don't do any sort of justice to the scale and beauty of the fabulous interior. It's just something that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

In 1236, upon the conquest of Córdoba by King Ferdinand III, a Catholic church was built in the centre of the mosque but apparently the Christians were so awed by the beauty of the mosque that they thankfully left it standing as we see it today.

 The Cathedral is equally stunning in its decoration and ornate artwork.

 A pulpit and the main altar.
 A room off the main Cathedral aisle houses gold and silver treasures dating back over many centuries.

 The organ of the Cathedral.
We left the mosque and proceeded to explore the narrow streets close by.

 Lots of cafes, bars and restaurants.
 Horse drawn carriages for tourists and below nice to see that the horses are well cared for on what was a very hot day.

 Tourist shops abound.
 An old waterwheel and below the sixteen arches of the Roman bridge.
 A brilliant day and so much more to see of Córdoba. We'll save it for another day though.

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