Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Summer goes on

Despite what I foolishly said a few blog posts ago about the end of summer being in sight, temperatures still remain high, being 31°C on our wanders this afernoon. Here and below,  a quiet Calle San Ildefonso.

Calle Moron here and below.

In Calle Socorro looking left to Calle Sevilla and right to Hondon.

Plaza Alfareria here and below with left to right Calles Ronda, Pilar and Maestro Amado.

A landmark on Calle Vereda Ancha is the palm tree outside Bar El Rincon. I wonder if the dates are edible?. 
Vereda Ancha.

Calle Fuente Nueva leading to the Plaza de la Concordia where we sat for a while at Bar La Jarrita before heading home.

Quiet at the bar as well.

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