Friday, 24 August 2012


On the road again today and also on something of a pilgrimage. I'll explain. Quite a few years ago now, in a previous life when I should have been working and productive, I spent many an hour surfing the web, looking at amongst other things the blog of Geoff and Jane (unfortunately no longer active) and reading about where they lived and their travels around Andalucia.
It was their blog that provided the inspiration for us to start our own blog diary and to a certain extent was also an influence on our decision to visit and eventually settle here.
So today we drove the ninety minutes to the pueblo of Benarrabá where Geoff and Jane live(d). (Our route here).
 We parked easily on the edge of the village and wandered the pretty narrow streets.

 Colourful direction signs.
 The Plaza de la Veracruz where a small market was taking place.
 The ornate entry to the village cemetery.
 There were quite a few viewpoints around the pueblo, each detailing particular points of interest. Here, the different types of bird life that you might expect to see.

 A colourful patio.

 The 18th century Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

We stopped for refreshments at Bar Dami before continuing our wanderings.
 The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).
 We liked Benarrabá. A quiet, sleepy, well cared for village nestling in a beautiful location,

Benarrabá is quite small, around 600 inhabitants, so after a couple of hours exploring this very pretty village we decided to return home.
The upper Genal Valley has many viewpoints along the route from which to see the many villages that cling to the hillsides, some of which are pictured below.
  The village of Algatocín.
   The pueblo's of Atajate and Benadalid below.

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