Sunday, 13 May 2012

Malaga Marina

A trip out today to the beautiful city of Malaga and in particular to see the new marina that opened in December 2011, or the Muelle Uno as the area is known.
Arriving on a very warm 33°C morning, we parked easily in the cool of one of the nearby underground car parks before heading into the heat to begin our wanderings. Here, the ferry to presumably the Balearic Islands.

 The whole area was really pleasant with a large variety of shops and a wide range of bars and restaurants. 
Our boat!!.

 On one side of the L-shaped marina is the "Palmeral de las Sorpresas", a promenade area with lots of seating and garden area's, in particular the palm garden with its hundreds of palm trees. 
The Plaza del Agua.

 We sat for a while in the shade of one of the many inviting restaurants on the Paseo de la Farola, slowly sipping our iced drinks, just watching the world pass by.

 The Paseo de la Farola.
And Calcetines came too of course.
 The pool in front of this building was obviously becoming a place where wishes are made, and hopefully granted, judging by the coins in the bottom.
  We left the marina area and headed past the lighthouse towards the cruise ships that we could see in the distance.

   The P&O cruise ship Arcadia.

 The Playa de la Malagueta. How inviting did that water look with the sea like a millpond.

This was a brilliant day out, in an area that's right in the centre of Malaga and within easy walking distance of all the major attractions that this beautiful city has to offer.

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