Monday, 20 May 2013

C.A.C.A. (Proper conduct, a clean and tidy town) - no more dog mess

Since arriving here nearly seven years ago we have tried our best through our blog to promote all that is good about Olvera and its lovely people. However, sadly we have always had to "tread carefully" to avoid the annoying piles of dog mess that litter virtually every street within the town, certainly not evident in many of the other towns and villages we have visited on our travels. So, we are pleased to see that the Ayuntamiento are initiating a campaign to encourage citizens with dogs to be more aware of the need to pick up their pets deposits, place them in a sealed plastic bag and either take them home or put them one of the many litter bins that are located around the town.  
Olvera will clearly benefit from cleaner streets for residents and visitors alike and the dangers to health, particularly to children who play in the streets at night and weekends, will be removed. 
Hopefully, the Ayuntamiento will post notices on every street and use whatever other media is available to promote this initiative and also put resources into place to enforce the already existing local law that allows a fine of €1500 to be imposed upon those that choose to ignore it.
So we hope that this campaign, starting with a public meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) evening 8pm at the Sierra y Cal Hotel,  will have the desired effect and alert all pet owners to their civic responsibilities and make Olvera an even better place to live than it already is.         


June said...

I have lived in Olvera for 8 months and this is the only thing I hate. I am glad they are doing something about it

Alan Crosskey said...

Hi June. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I just hope that whatever action is proposed and agreed is followed up with enforcement. Cheers.