Friday, 11 June 2010

Antes y después (before and after)

I know, hardly earth shattering news but we are really pleased at last to have had our new front door fitted. Since we arrived in Olvera nearly three years ago it has always been our intention to replace the old wooden door that was showing signs of its age.
With all the rain and humidity that we had last winter, the door expanded so much that it was a real effort to open and close it. We had to kick it, pull it, push it and swear at it before it would eventually open.

Now however, we have a brand new aluminium, security locking, wood effect door that was fitted after tremendous effort and hard work by our lovely friend Antonio and his friend Antonio.

It almost makes you wish that winter would arrive to test it out.
Only joking!!.


Pauline said...

We know what you went through with an old door. Our new one has been fitted in the last month. Enjoy!!!

Alan and Anne said...

Thanks Pauline.
We look forward to many years of trouble free access.

Russ said...

That's gorgeous! You'll have to give us the contact info for Antonio and Antonio. Our doors are metal, but they're not especially attractive, and it's a pain to latch them.