Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunny Sunday

The lovely sunny weather continues, 23°C and a near cloudless sky, so a short walk this morning to the Parque Entrecaminos at the opposite end of town.

The Bar El Parque within the park is a very friendly place and serves some of the best tapas in town.

I sat for a while under the shade of a tree before heading back home.

Nobody can be in any doubt that the Magic Travels of Mickey Mouse and his friends is being performed today in the Casa de la Cultura......posters seem to be on every lampost in town.

I spotted a small fledgeling bird on the street, this is the time of year when many fall out of their nests, so I diverted up to the Peñón del Cerretillo to hopefully give it a place of safety until it could fly.
The steps leading up to the park.

The views across Olvera from the peñón.

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