Sunday, 6 June 2010

Corpus Christi

Today is Corpus Christi day, a day of religious celebration throughout Spain.
Although Olvera also celebrates and decorates its streets, we drove the short distance to the pueblo El Gastor, where the fiesta is noted to be of particular Tourist Interest in Andalucia.

Upon arrival, we were directed by the police to a designated parking area overlooking the village.
From the limited parking spaces available it was clear that it was a popular event.
A well, decorated with palms and other leaves.

The main plaza in the middle of the village was the centre of activity and like many of the streets around was covered in grasses.

The steps up to and the gardens around the Ayuntamiento were brightly decorated with plants and flowers.

Although the palms and greenery added to the scene today, the geraniums, carnations and other assorted flowers decorate the balconies and window boxes of the village throughout most of the year.

The balloon seller was doing good business.

Every house was covered in greenery.

Small shrines were set up in the streets.

All of the bars and restaurants were open for business.

These unusually painted cabbages were placed in the garden of the Church.

Looking across to Olvera in the distance.
El Gastor is a beautiful village, well worth a visit at any time and we really enjoyed the celebrations and the atmosphere today

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