Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The road to El Rodeo

A beautiful day, 32°C and a pleasant drive out to the small village of Los Villalones thirty minutes south of Olvera to visit El Rodeo, the home of our friends Amy, Kathie and John.
Pictured is the collection point for mail and correspondence.

The Venta in the village.

The road leading to El Rodeo.

Lovely as the weather is now, the log pile is a reminder that it can get a bit chilly later in the year.

Every time we come to visit this lovely place, the views constantly change with each season but are always stunning whatever time of year.

John and Kathie have adapted part of their house into a superb holiday apartment so if peace, tranquility, stunning scenery and relaxation appeals, yet also close to Ronda and the pueblo blancos of Andalucia, have a look at their website here for a lot more information.

Of course, the ulterior motive for visiting was to once again experience the fantastic cooking of Amy, always a treat and today was no exception.

Looking across to the pueblo of Los Villalones.

We sat in the garden, catching up on news, savouring the food and watching the eagles soaring above us.
What an idyllic location.

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