Tuesday, 26 March 2013

La Pasión según Olvera - The Passion according to Olvera

The event that was originally to take place on Palm Sunday but sadly postponed due to rain has now happily been re-scheduled for 12.30hrs on Sunday 31st March in the Plaza de la Iglesia. A description of the event is as follows:

A fusion of flamenco and the melodies of the Easter marches, the flamenco "Fragua" of the School of Art and Talent with music from the "Santa Ana" Band of Olvera, are merged into an encounter of melodies, dances and passion for the delight of the audience. Three major chapters of the passion of Christ are represented through the staging associated with the dance itself, transmitted by the beat and the melody of the music of Semana Santa......a new and different show, full of passion.


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