Tuesday, 26 March 2013

La procesión del Cautivo y Nuestra Señora del Socorro

 Last night saw the first major procession of Holy Week, led by the white costumes of the Nazarenos, starting from the Iglesia del Socorro at about 8.30pm.

Jesus the captive.

Despite light rain and wind the procession proceeded along what is considered to be the most difficult route of all the parades during Semana Santa.

The statue of "Nuestra Señora del Socorro" - Our Lady of Succour.

 The Santa Ana Band of Bugles and Drums from Olvera who since their formation in 2010 get better every time I see them. 

Despite the solemnity of the occasion there's still time for a smile.
 The always excellent "Banda de Música de Olvera" also provided musical accompaniment.

One of the most difficult parts of the route is negotiating the archway into the Plaza del Ayuntamiento which was skillfully and superbly done by the "Costaleros" who carry the pasos (platforms).

 After leaving the procession in Calle Socorro, I met up with it again at 1am in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento where, after a strength sapping five hour tour of Olvera, the strain was beginning to show.

Again, fantastic skill and strength as the arch is negotiated.

Pictured are the daughters of our neighbours, Celia under the Nazareno costume and Lara as a member of the band.

In complete harmony of movement and no doubt years of practice, the steep streets of Olvera do not present too difficult an obstacle.

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