Friday, 15 March 2013

Road closed

 If anyone is planning a trip to or from Olvera from the direction of Campillos or Teba over the next few days, it may be prudent to look for an alternative route. 
The main A-384 Antequera to Arcos road that passes by Olvera is closed due to subsidence caused by the recent heavy rains.
Traffic coming from the Olvera direction is being diverted via the pueblo of Torre Alháquime and onwards to other destinations. There didn't appear to be any advance warning notices along the road prior to Olvera as cars and articulated lorries were stopping in confusion before either reversing or taking the diversion option. 
I parked the car and walked past the barrier up to the point where the road had collapsed. Work was ongoing but it looks like it may be a long job.


 Views toward Olvera on a beautiful day from the A-384 road.

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