Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Views from "La Villa"

With a few alterations being done to our house we won't be off on any trips for a week or so.

So a few familiar scenes of Olvera taken from "La Villa", the oldest part of town surrounding the Moorish castle.

Looking up Calle Subida a la Iglesia.

An exposed part of the old castle but I'm not sure whether they are doorways or fireplaces. Would be most grateful for any enlightenment.

The views west towards Cadiz, here and below.

The Plaza de la Iglesia.

The monument to the victims of the spanish civil war in the plaza.


Ian Malpass said...

Hi Alan. I don't believe they are doorways or fireplaces. They appear to be structural, using the arch for strength, and originally continuing on to the left. Reminiscent of Roman aqueducts? I'm no expert, so maybe someone else can expand. Ian.

Alan and Anne said...

Hi Ian. Thanks for responding and an explanation that sounds entirely plausible. Best wishes.