Saturday, 21 May 2011

Love, marriage and friendship

We were honoured to be amongst the invited guests present tonight at a ceremony to witness and celebrate the re-affirmation of the marriage vows of our friends Bill and Pauline from the UK and Bruce and Russ from Florida, USA.

The proceedings were conducted by Bruce, a pastor in his Church in Florida, on the internal patio area of Bar Valentinos.

Pauline and Bill, clearly devoted to each other.

After the ceremony, we sat outside in the warm evening sunshine enjoying the delicious food prepared by Sue, Ian and Laurie.

A toast to health and happiness by Bill.

Russ and Steve in conversation against the backdrop of the Sierra de Grazalema.

The joint wedding cake, absolutely delicious.

Flowers for the bride, spontaneously given by a spanish neighbour of the bar. Fantastic people.

A brilliant evening and our sincere best wishes to both Bill and Pauline and Bruce and Russ for a happy and long future together.

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jen said...

how lovely very special x