Sunday, 8 May 2011

La Muela - long overdue

It's unbelievable that my last visit to La Muela, a small pueblo about 17 kms west of Olvera, was just about 3½ years ago. So , on a lovely warm mid twenties day, I drove the short distance to the village.

The scenery along the route is beautiful and with hardly any traffic, there's plenty of time to stop and admire it.

Not too far along the road, you pass the ruins of the former Carmelite convent of "El Juncal".

The convent was founded in 1606 and inhabited by the monks until 1835 when it was abandoned although a Church remained on the site for another thirty years.

Some of the relics from the convent are kept today in the Church in La Muela.

After parking the car, I set off to explore and my first impressions were of a very clean, tidy village where there is an obvious pride in appearance.

The streets sloped gently and were easy to negotiate with many of the houses having floral displays.

In the main plaza of the village, opposite the small Church, was this building with an ornate tiled plaque above the window.

The Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen, patron of the village since 1872 and which houses the relics from the convent.

It was very pleasant to wander around, a very tranquil and peaceful place, perhaps just because it was Sunday.

There were a few bars in the pueblo, open with people enjoying the weather. A very nice place to spend an hour or so just enjoying the scenery.

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