Friday, 21 February 2014

Andalucia Day

To celebrate Andalucia Day on Friday 28th February, the Ayuntamiento have scheduled a series of events as follows:

Between 11.00hrs and 11.30hrs in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, speeches and a reading of the declaration that created Andalucia as an automonous region of Spain on the 28th February 1980. The formal speeches will be followed by a performance by the "Banda de Música de Olvera" and then at 12.00hrs the band will parade through the streets of the town eventually returning to the Plaza de Andalucia.
At 13.30hrs in the Plaza de Andalucia, free Chicharrones and chorizo followed by a performance from the excellent flamenco group "La Fragua".
In case of rain, all events will take place at the Indoor Sports Centre. As always, please check the Town Hall website here for accuracy.

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