Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Andalucia Day Agenda

The Ayuntamiento have issued the schedule of events to take place on Andalucia Day, Tuesday February 28th as follows:
At 11:30 hrs in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento there will be a flag hoisting ceremony and a recital of the anthem of Andalucia. This will be followed by a performance from the excellent Band of Olvera.
At 12:00 hrs, the Band of Olvera will lead a procession from the Plaza into Calles Maestro Amado, Pozo, Carmona, Fuente Vieja, Ronda, Vereda Ancha, Fuente Nueva, Plaza de la Concordia, Calvario, Mercado, Pico, Llana and ending in the Plaza de Andalucia.
At 13:00 hrs in the Plaza del Andalucia, there will be the traditional Chorizada for all. There will also be a performance of Flamenco music with the guitarist Silvio, the singing of Laura Román and dancing by Carmen Torres
The local Chirigota singing groups " “Los que cobran el día diez” and “Los de la tacita” will also give performances.
In the event that bad weather may interrupt the proceedings, all events will take place in the Fairground Pavilion.
As always, please refer to the Town Hall website here for accuracy of timings and location.

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