Sunday, 19 February 2012

Party in the park

This afternoon on a lovely warm 20°C day, we wandered down to the park on Vereda Ancha to watch our first event of this years Carnaval, my favourite fiesta.
We arrived at about 1.15pm to join the already fairly large crowd in anticipation of the arrival of the first local Chirigota singing group "Los de la tacita".
Our friend Gerry, dressed for the occasion.

The group were fantastic. Clearly irreverent, sarcastic, witty and utterly politically incorrect as indeed they should be, much to the delight of the appreciative audience.

After a tremendous start, the next Chirigota group " Los que cobran el día diez" took to the stage and gave an equally impressive performance.

A brilliant afternoon's entertainment and even though "La crisis" may have had an effect on the number of acts performing this year, it has certainly not affected the talent, quality and enthusiasm of the performers.

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