Saturday, 4 February 2012

It's freezing....nearly

What was I saying recently about the lovely warm weather we were having this winter!!. At a quick glance, you might think the temperature gauge on Calle Llana is reading 10°C but it's definitely 1°C, I think the coldest daytime temperature it's been since we came to Olvera.
Walking around at about 11am this morning, it definitely felt a lot colder with the wind blowing through the streets. Here looking up Calle Tahona.
In summer as we walk around, we try to avoid the heat of the sun by staying in the shadows. Today, exactly the opposite as I tried to gain any warmth I could from a winter sun, without much success.
Looking down Calle Cervantes.
Calle José Chico
The archway into Calle Arcos.

Looking down Calle Zorrilla.
Through the Arco de Zorrilla into the Plaza de Andalucia.
The work on the new steps up to the park has nearly been completed.
The Plaza de Andalucia, unsurprisingly deserted.
More shadow on the way home up Calle Llana.

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