Monday, 6 February 2012

Olvera and Auckland, New Zealand

A question. What links Olvera with Auckland, New Zealand and more specifically with the suburb of Lynfield?.
Well, recently I was pleased to respond to an interesting request from Chris who lives in Lynfield to take a picture of a location in Olvera that was the "Antipodal location" or the exact opposite point on the earth to where he lives.
The location was in the near centre of a field just outside of Olvera and only about 15 minutes walk from where we live so we were pleased to help out. Above is a picture of the location.
The view south from the field.
Chris was kind enough to send some of pictures of Lynfield and a there is also a link to a picture here of where he lives opposite Olvera.
It was a pleasure to help out and you can see the results as part of his project on his Flickr album here.
If you are interested and just for a bit of fun, the link here allows you to select your location and then find out where your exact opposite global location is.

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