Tuesday, 21 February 2012

La Pasacalle de Miguel de Cervantes

As part of the Carnaval celebrations there were three processions taking place today, one each from the intermediate schools in town. We chose to watch the procession of the pupils from the Miguel de Cervantes school, primarily because the children of friends and neighbours were involved.
The theme of the parade was "La Pepa", the popular name for the Spanish Constitution that this year celebrates the 200th anniversary of its signing in Cadiz.
A house on Calle Pozo decorated for the occasion.

Alejandro and Celia, children of our friend and neighbour Rosalia below.

A vehicle in the parade was pulling a large cannon with an equally big bang as it fired confetti, streamers and ticker tape onto the participants and watching crowd.

Our friend Mari on the left.

The troops of Napoleon marching down Calle Llana.
A brilliant effort by all involved and great fun for everyone.

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