Thursday, 16 December 2010

La Iglesia Parroquial Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación

Six years after a fire devastated the interior of the iconic Church that dominates Olvera, restoration work has been completed and this week saw the re-opening with a service and carols (a link to a report of the opening event can be found on the Ayuntamiento website here).
The Church officially opens for worship and visitors in January 2011 but today I gained a sneak preview and had a look inside at the magnificent work that had been undertaken.

Inside, the Church has been completely re-painted with new marble flooring and lighting and it looks superb.
Here looking down the central nave to the altar.

The domed ceiling high above the altar.

Just a couple of the beautiful stained glass windows in the high ceiling.

The main altar.

The two side aisles are lined by a series of stunning and beautiful altars including those corresponding to the brotherhoods that are used in the processions during Semana Santa (Holy Week) such as Santo Entierro, Jesus Nazareno and Vera Cruz.

The side entrance door.

The main entrance door, above which the organ is located.

We have been fortunate in previous years during Semana Santa to have had a brief glimpse of the work in progress but to see it now in all its splendour and glory is truly stunning.

Outside, the pleasant sunny weather continues with the temperature today at about 9°C.

Poinsettias lining the wall of Calle Calzada leading up the the Church.

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Russ said...

That's spectacular! We hope to see it ourselves in May. Happy holidays to you and Anne!