Saturday, 9 February 2013


 A trip out today to the pueblo of Monda, a hillside village of about 2000 inhabitants about an hour and forty five minutes drive southeast of Olvera. We chose our route to go via Teba, Villafranca de Guadalhorce, bypassing Coin and arriving at about 11.00am. 

Parking on the edge of the village, we walked a short distance before stopping for a coffee near to this impressive fountain and statue, dedicated to the workers, history and culture of Monda.
Without a map we just wandered around the pueblo, coming upon the "Fuente - Lavadero de la Jaula" dating from the Islamic period of history. The public wash house was added in the 18th century and used well into the 20th century.

As we wandered, a procession of classic car's drove through. 

We came upon the Plaza de la Constitución and the Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol dating from the 16th century, although added to and improved over the centuries since.

 I would imagine that in the summer months the balconies and windows of the village would be ablaze with flowers and colour.

 The Ayuntamiento.

 With no prior research and without a map of the village we were slightly hampered and hope that we didn't miss out on seeing anything of particular interest. Here, looking across at the castle, which after climbing up to it we were quite disappointed to find out that it had been converted into a hotel. Never mind. What we did see of Monda we liked so well worth the trip.

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