Sunday, 17 February 2013


No Carnaval would be complete without mention of the Chirigota singing groups, whose blend of comedy, satire, wit, sarcasm and total lack of irreverence for all things political and authoritative, local and national, make them particularly popular with their audience.
To be honest, we don't understand all they sing about but the audience reaction suggests that they've sung about something typically topical and funny.  

 Today's concert was the last event of a great Carnaval week and we were happy to take advantage of the free hot meal of potato, chickpeas and tripe provided by the Ayuntamiento.
 "La Prima de Riesgo", one of the four groups in this years Carnaval.

 "A la tercera va la vencia".

 "Las Remedios, caminan o revientan".

 And finally "Los Recortaores".

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