Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Out into the campo

A deviation from our normal walk this afternoon, taking the Vereda del Pozuelo road out of Olvera onto one of the many "caminos" that leads into the nearby campo. The good weather continues with a temperature I would estimate at about 20°C.

 Not far along the track we came upon this beautiful Mastine dog and nearby presumably his adorable puppies. Often used as guard dogs, when not on duty they are truly the gentle giants of the dog world and have such a friendly manner.
Looking back at views of Olvera.

 And more views of which I never tire.

 Head down and onwards we go.

 The track ended at the main Olvera to El Gastor road on the edge of town near to the I.E.S.Zaframagón school. 

We headed back along Avenida Manuel de Falla, after a very pleasant walk, to Bar La Jarrita in the Plaza de la Concordia for a cool beer (or two).

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