Saturday, 16 February 2013

Gran pasacalles de Carnaval

 The Grand Parade of the Carnaval today, when all the participants of the events during the week gather together for the final parade...and what a display it was!!. I think this was the largest parade we have seen in our years here and it was absolutely fantastic.
Anne, Monster, Paca and Gerry.
 It was good to see the Pope in attendance on one of his final appearances before leaving office.
Waiting for the start.

The Pope in waiting, giving his blessing to his adoring public.

A parody of "la crisis". Angela Merkel representing the cuts to the European budget. Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister was having his strings pulled somewhere else in the crowd.

 I think this baby's going to have real problems when it's born...very soon by the looks of it!!.  

 Brilliant fun.

 Our friend Francisco.
 This years Carnaval "queens".

 The fabulous, fantastic people of Olvera. A real community.

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