Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pasacalles C.P. San José de Calasanz

 "Carnaval" week continued today with two parades, this one by the students of the San José Calasanz school. The colourful costumes were themed on a "Walk around Europe". 

 On another chilly day, the parade did a short circuit from Avenida Julián Besteiro, along Calles Fuente Nueva, Encarnación before re-emerging from Calle Calvario into the Plaza de la Concordia and onwards to fun and games at the indoor sports centre.

 A slight diversion was caused by this German registered lorry attempting to negotiate the roundabout in the Plaza de la Concordia trying, as we overheard him say to the Guardia Civil officer, to make a delivery in Calle Calvario, which would have been equally impossible.
After skillfully reversing his vehicle, the driver was given a Guardia escort out of the area.

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