Thursday, 1 April 2010

Early one morning....

We were up at 4.30am this morning to witness the departure from the Iglesia Mayor Parroquial of the Procesión de Jesús Nazareno y Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, considered by many to be the best of the processions during Semana Santa.

The arrival of the bands signified that it wouldn't be too long before the commencement of proceedings that were scheduled to start at was getting a little chilly waiting amongst the large crowd.

The Nazarenos, who in different tunics accompany most of the processions during Holy Week.

The first of the pasos, depicting Jesus of Nazareth carrying the Cross, borne by an estimated seventy mainly young men. An incredible feat of strength, grace, skill and devotion as it is said to weigh about a ton. They carry it through the streets of Olvera for between seven and eight hours before returning to the Church.

After a short while, the second paso appeared, this one depicting Our Lady of Sorrows, again supported by seventy "costaleros".
After watching in awe and admiration, we retired back to the house for a warming cup of coffee, mindful that the procession would be continuing for another seven hours or so.

At about 12.30pm, we wandered back up to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to hopefully watch the procession returning to the Church.
Our timing was perfect as the first paso was just appearing in Calle Llana.

The first of two accompanying bands.

Large crowds lined the route as the second paso came up Calle Llana.

Nuestra Señora de los Dolores - Our Lady of Sorrows.

Although we have now witnessed this event for the last three years, we are still stunned into admiration and totally humbled by the devotion and strength of all who participate. The pride of the Olvereños in their family and friends who take part and of those who line the streets is truly justified.

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