Thursday, 15 April 2010

Castillo del Hierro

We had a few empty water bottles in the boot of the car so I took a drive out this morning to our normal fresh water spring at the farm beneath the old ruined castle, a few kilometres outside of Olvera. However, upon arrival there was a large sign on the spring saying "contaminado" (contaminated) so on to the next nearest spring at Pruna.
Before leaving, a couple of pictures of Olvera from the farm.

It didn't take long to drive to Pruna, parking up next to the spring that lies at the foot of the Castillo del Hierro, a ruined 15th century Moorish castle.

The decorative tiled wall plaque next to the spring.

There is a pathway leading up to the castle, one I have an idea a friend and I will be exploring in the very near future.
Oxygen and medics are on standby !!.

The views to Olvera from the spring on a slightly breezy though warm day, temperatures I would estimate at about 18°C.

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