Friday, 11 January 2013


A trip out today in glorious sunshine and warming temperatures to the pueblo of Gaucin, nestling in the Genal Valley to the south of Ronda, about an hour and forty five minutes drive from Olvera.
Just to the north of the village, our route gave us the first misty glimpse of the Rock of Gibraltar in the distance.

We drove on, following the signs for the "Castillo del Aguila" (Castle of the Eagles) that we could see high above the village where we would hopefully have great views over the village and surrounding countryside. 
We parked below the castle and followed the old and winding cobbled pathway upwards.

  Rest for the weary travellers.
The Citadel and below the views from the top.

Looking over Gaucin.

Leaving the castle, we began to explore the streets around the pueblo.

Gecko's seemed to be an important part of the village culture with many of the houses being colourfully decorated with them.

The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).

The "Fuente de los seis Caños" near to where we sat for a toasted sandwich and refreshments.

The bridge over which the main A-369 road crosses at the edge of the village. Clearly on this visit, we didn't do justice to Gaucin, feeling a little weary after negotiating the very winding A-369 mountain road from Ronda, not good if you are prone to car sickness. Still, never mind, more to explore on another occasion perhaps.
The drive back passes several "pueblos blancos", here Algotocín and below Benadalid.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous place. It's so great you can do all this in January. Today I had a miserable car journey in the driving British rain!


Anonymous said...

Alan, you have got such a great blog!! When we miss Olvera we have a look at your blog and can almost feel like being in Olvera. Many thanks and keep up the good work. How do you make these great pictures? My pictures never look so good as yours do.
From a frozen Amsterdam, un saludo, Beatrice & Harry