Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cuevas de Nerja

 The "Caves of Nerja" are in fact closer to the village of Maro than Nerja so it was an easy drive from our holiday cottage to the cave area. I parked the car in the car park and walked the short distance to the ticket area. 
The caves are a huge tourist attraction and as such are very commercialised. There are gift shops, restaurants and a museum, all designed to relieve you of your hard earned cash
A statue to the boys who discovered the caves in 1959. 
 After paying my 8,50€ entrance fee, extra for the multi-lingual headsets, I was immediately accosted by a photographer who took my picture, gave me a ticket and said I could collect it after my tour. I then proceeded along a pre-designated walkway to marvel at millions of years of nature at work.
 My apologies for the poor quality of pictures but for some unexplained reason use of a flash was not permitted. Part of the cave system has been turned into an arena where concerts and plays can be held, far more likely I think to inflict damage through the vibration of sound waves than the flash of a camera. ( With thanks to a reader who commented below, I have subsequently been advised that the use of a flash is prohibited because it may disturb the bats roosting within the cave system.) 

 There is a warning at the start of the route that there are multiple steps and this proved to be the case.

 Natures sculptures however were wonderful.

 The caves are well worth a visit and are very impressive. On the downside however is the overt commercialisation. Upon exiting the cave system, I was immediately approached by a young lady asking if I would like to purchase my photo which I politely refused  to do. And then to cap it all, I had to pay a euro to exit the car park through the barrier, not advised when I entered. Scrooge is alive and well.


Anonymous said...

the no flash is to protect the bats that inhabit certain areas of the caves, its the same in england at cheddar gorge caves in somerset.

Alan and Anne said...

Dear Anonymous. Many thanks for your comment and explaining the reason for the "no flash" rule. Much appreciated and not something that I had thought of. Best wishes.