Saturday, 22 September 2012

El Burgo

A drive out today to the pueblo of El Burgo, a village we had passed by a few times but never actually stopped at. Our route took us south to Ronda and then east onto the A-366 along one of the most scenic routes of all our travels. Looking back at Ronda from the viewpoint at puerto del Viento.

Along the route is the "Mirador del Guarda Forestal" where we stopped to take in the stunning scenery and views of El Burgo in the distance.
At the top of the Mirador is a striking statue, erected in 1977 to commemorate the centenary of the formation of the Rangers who patrol and protect the beautiful landscape. The child symbolizes the legacy being left for future generations to enjoy.
We arrived in El Burgo and found that parking was not that easy so we continued driving uphill through the village until we reached the 16th century (although restored several times since) Iglesia de la Encarnación below. 

We parked and wandered slowly downhill to start our exploration. At the entrance to the village is a small park with a statue dedicated to "Juan Mingolla Gallardo" (alias Pasos Largos - Large Strides), born in El Burgo in 1873 and who is remembered as the last Andalucian bandit, dying in shoot out with police in 1934. Scroll down the link here to read of his exploits.  
 An Ibex, an emblematic symbol of this rural area, standing proud on a roundabout at the entrance to the village.
 El Burgo is a fairly small village with about 2500 inhabitants and many narrow but pretty streets, more suited to mules than cars.

 The Ayuntamiento.

 The new bridge into the village spans the Río Turón.
 Tapas and non alchoholic drinks were most welcome in the 28°C sunshine.

 One of many water fountains throughout the pueblo.

 The remnants of the old castle.

 The "Puente Romano" - Roman Bridge, restored in the 17th and 18th centuries and still in use today. 
We left the village, a very pretty place in a lovely location, and headed home in a different direction towards Cañete la Real on the MA-5400. The excellent road took us through pine forests and fabulous scenery with hardly another car in sight.

 Cañete la Real in the far distance.
 We cannot pass by Cañete without stopping to view the vultures that sit along the ridge overlooking the village.

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