Thursday, 20 September 2012

Agua and the Americas

A visit this morning to the fresh water spring at the cortijo just outside of Olvera. Here and below the views from the farm to Olvera on a warm 26°C day. 

Looking north towards Pruna.
 Returning to Olvera, I parked on the newest residential development in town. All the streets are named after places and countries in the Americas that were former colonies of Spain, now referred to as Ibero-America. Here looking up Calle Los Angeles.
Calle Argentina here and below

Most of the houses appear to be individually designed and are no doubt very expensive.

The bottom of the development on Avenida Manuel de Falla.
Looking across to the now completely enclosed fairground.

 The view of the church and castle from Avenida de IberoAmérica.
Calle Alcantara, across the road from the fairground with Calle Pasadera below.

Calle Puente.

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