Sunday, 6 February 2011


The weather continues to be amazingly warm, I would estimate at about 15°C, and a lovely day for a drive out.
So where better to head for than Grazalema, a beautiful pueblo nestling in the Natural Park that bears its name.

Before arriving at Grazalema however, we passed by the equally beautiful pueblo of Zahara de la Sierra, situated overlooking the reservoir.
Grazalema is situated south of Olvera and the road from Zahara over the mountains offers some of the most stunning scenery in Andalucia.

Just to prove that I'm not glued to the camera. Here, standing at the viewpoint of Puerto de Las Palomas, 1365 metres (4450 feet) above sea level.

The view from the Mirador.

Most weekends there are always lots of motorbikes on the road so it was unusual to see these this group of scooter riders pass by.

After many stops along the way, we eventually arrived at Grazalema and parked in one of the car parks in town.

The pueblo is a very popular destination for visitors, set in its stunning location and well served with bars and restaurants.

We met up with those scooters again.

The picturesque Plaza de España in the centre of the village is lined with bars and restaurants.

Walking and hiking in the area is a popular pastime and there are no shortage of walking sticks on offer.

Looking towards the Algarin Cliff and Las Grajas Abyss that shelter the village of El Gastor and just visible beyond is Olvera.

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