Friday, 18 February 2011

Carnaval Agenda

The Ayuntamiento have published the schedule of events for the forthcoming Carnaval that I hope may be of interest to both residents and visitors alike.
As always, please check the Ayuntamiento website here for accuracy of times and translation. As follows:
Saturday 5th March at 20.00hrs in the Pavilion on the main fairground. Presentation of prizes and performances by the chirigota singing groups "Los Antesdeyesterday, Buena, Bonita y Barata and Los que salen el dia de la Virgen".
Sunday 6th March at 18.00hrs in the Pavilion on the main fairground.Traditional chocolate and cakes of the Carnaval and events for the children such as face painting and balloon twisting. Also performances by the singing groups. All attendees are encouraged to dress up in costumes and fancy dress.
Monday 7th March at 16.00hrs. A parade by the children of the El Olivo nursery accompanied by television characters.
At 17.30, a childrens party in the main fairground Pavilion with music and games.
Tuesday 8th March at 16.00hrs. A parade of students from the schools of Gloria Fuertes, Miguel de Cervantes and San José de Calasanz with a celebration party of music, games, karaoke and magic in the Pavilion on the fairground at 17.30hrs.
Friday 11th March at 24.00hrs in the Pavilion on the main fairground. A night of music and dance.
Sunday 13th March at 15.00hrs. The Grand Carnaval Parade departs from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, passing through the streets of Olvera to eventually arrive at the fairground.
At 17.00hrs, the award of prizes to the winners of the best costumes in the parade.
At 17.30 hrs, a performance by the orchestra "Surmanía" and then the formal closure of the Carnaval.
Have a great time.

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