Friday, 11 February 2011

A mix of pics

The day started with low cloud and mists in the valleys surrounding Olvera, here looking north towards Pruna and the peñón where its castle is normally visible.

By later this afternoon however, temperatures had risen to about 15°C and sunny.
A new aid to tourism by way of this sign has appeared on Calle Mercado. It looks to be a development in association with the "museo territorio de las migraciones", an organisation geared to the development and promotion of leisure and tourism.

Hopefully, it may assist in bringing economic benefits to Olvera as the town has so much to offer.

The same view as pictured this morning looking towards Pruna castle, taken at about four this afternoon.

Walking up Calle Llana, we also noticed that the familiar green frontage of the Banco de Andalucia has had its colour and signage changed to that of its parent group Banco Popular.

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