Friday, 22 October 2010

Not woollie weather yet..... temperatures are still lovely and warm at 25°C although the sky today is slightly overcast.
Just a few pictures taken this afternoon on our stroll with Calcetines.

Looking up Calle Vieja.

Calle Ronda.

In the Plaza Alfarería looking at Calle Ronda to the left, Calle Pilar in the centre and Calle Maestro Amado on the right.
The new mirador and play area on Vereda Ancha is now taking shape. New trees have been planted and all the paving looks to have been completed.

Bus stop in the Plaza de la Concordia.

The grape vines in the Plaza are now changing colour and no doubt will soon shed their leaves.

The shell of the new Casa de la Cultura building.

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