Thursday, 14 October 2010

Still sunny

A stroll out today to top up our mobiles as we no longer have a landline connected in the house.
It's still quite warm, 20°C in direct sun, so the jumpers we were wearing were a little unnecessary.
Anyway, a few pics along the way. Here looking along Vereda Ancha and below the flowers that adorn the base of the trees.

Looking up Calle Fuente Nueva.

The Plaza de la Concordia in the centre of town.

Paco's shop where we normally top up our phones. A lovely chap, always service with a smile.

The view from Calle Julian Besteiro of the castle and church.

Our one and only petrol station.

Me and my dog.

Calle Llana.

Unusually, the fountain in the Plaza Andalucia was switched on.

A pleasant walk around, meeting up with a few friends along the way, just enjoying life and the warmth of the sunshine. What could be better !!.

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